The KanexPro EXT-HDRPT100M is a 4K based signal repeater extender designed with one HDBaseT™ input and one HDBaseT output to create a daisy-chainable path to several displays with each repeater supporting up to 330’ (100 meters) in distance. It provides two HDMI output ports and two RS-232 ports dedicated for each output to control displays. The RS-232 ports can be used to send commands (such as power on/off) to compatible displays and projectors. When RS-232 is under control from the display each repeater in the daisy chain can be individually addressed for sending specific commands at the particular node. And reach repeater is assigned with a unique address from the front-panel rotary dial (0-F).

Professionally designed for digital signage applications, one can extend HDMI signals to two or more displays using a single HDMI device such as a media player or a PC. Furthermore, it lets you loop out to another HDBaseT repeater to daisy chain more displays. Also supports built-in audio de-embedding using phoenix connectors to 2-channel stereo or an amp. It supports HDCP 2.2 specs with 4K@24, 30, 50 & 60Hz video resolutions with a 4:2:0 sampling rate up to 10 bit for better HDR support and color depths.

Daisy chain Up to 8 Repeaters 

The CAT5e/6 distance supported from one HDBaseT repeater to another is 330 feet (100meters). Up to eight repeaters can be used in a chain creating a sixteen display signage connected from a single HDMI source on the sender side. The 100-meter transmitter is sold separately.


Ideal for extending and controlling uncompressed, 4K displays at train stations, airports, banks, restaurants and pharmacies, where the content can be looped in & out to multiple displays in a daisy-chain fashion with outputs to dual HDMI displays at every 100 meters.

Please note: 

This repeater requires a transmitter (Tx) part # HDBASE70POET for 70 meters or any HDBaseT transmitter for 100 meters to connect an HDMI source device, which can be remotely extended up to 330 feet over CATx cable to the repeater. It also works with our SP-HDBT1X4 Splitter for distributing to four HDBaseT outputs.