The KanexPro EXT-FIBER302T is a Fiber Optic – Transmitter Extender designed to work with MOD-IN-FIBER input card module of the HDMMX Modular matrix switchers. This HDCP compliant transmitter supports 4K UHD, 1920×1200@60Hz and 1080p resolutions from remote sources to the matrix. The fiber optic input card is compatible with single-mode and multi-mode extending to greater distances.


Fiber optic extenders are used where security is paramount ideally in government, defense, command and control centers, banks and other large scale AV applications where routing of 4K AV transmission at remote distances is critical and safe.

Note: This Transmitter will require a Fiber optic Input card MOD-IN-FIBER to each input in order to connect HDMI source devices.